Everything to Know About Selling Your Condo in Humber Bay Shores

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There’s a lot to love about owning a condo in Humber Bay Shores. You can enjoy an easy, low-stress lifestyle right on the lake and hold a high-value piece of real estate in one of South Etobicoke’s most sought-after communities – if not all of Toronto. 

While not the biggest or oldest neighbourhood in South Etobicoke, Humber Bay Shores may be one of the most unique. As a quaint lakeside enclave that’s mostly made up of condos, the local real estate scene can follow trends of its own. 

With that in mind, when the time comes to sell your condo in Humber Bay Shores and find a home that’s better suited to the next phase of your life, you’ll want to know what it takes to get a positive result on your sale. 

In this blog, I’ll touch on everything you need to know about selling your Humber Bay Shores condo – including what you can do to enjoy a great sale. Let’s jump in. 

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Humber Bay Shores: A Market Within A Market

In a big city like Toronto, the real estate market is far from one size fits all. Instead, it’s made up of smaller micro markets that each follow their own unique trends. 

When you sell your condo in Humber Bay Shores, you’re not just dealing with Toronto’s greater real estate landscape but also the city’s specific and distinct condo market. Then, zooming in even further, you’ll also be navigating the unique hyper-local real estate trends of Humber Bay Shores. 

So how does this impact you as a seller? If you want to get the best result from the sale of your Humber Bay Shores condo, you’ll want to work with a real estate agent who’s familiar with both of these micro markets – not just Toronto as a whole. I’ll touch on where you can find an agent like this at the end of this post. Up next, getting your condo market-ready. 

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How to Get Your Condo Ready For The Market 

Just because your condo isn’t as big as a standalone family home, doesn’t mean you skip out on the proper preparations. 

Selling a condo can be more competitive than selling a detached home. For instance, if there are similar for-sale condos in your building, you’ll need to go the extra mile to show potential buyers why they should pick yours over the others. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do that. 

Clean & Declutter

In a condo, you’re already working with fairly limited square footage so it’s essential to maximize the space that you have. Start with a cleaning and decluttering process, removing any non-essential items, pieces of decor, or even furniture that make the space feel smaller. Don’t forget, if there are things you don’t want to donate or throw away you can always move them into storage until after you sell. 

Make a Few Choice Upgrades

Taking the time to make your condo stand out from other units in your building (and other buildings in Humber Bay Shores) is worth the effort. Not only can it help you sell faster, but it can also help you sell for a higher dollar. Small projects like a fresh coat of paint, replacing older fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom, or even adding some smart home tech can give you a leg up over similar units. 

Picking the Right Price

Pricing is an important part of selling a condo, regardless of what’s happening in the market. If you price too high you could push away certain buyers. Or, if you price too low, you could be selling yourself short. Here’s where your real estate agent’s expertise in Humber Bay Shores will be essential. 

Factoring insights from the neighbourhood’s local micro market, knowledge of competing condos nearby, historical trends, and more, they’ll help you pick an asking price that sets the stage for success. 

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Selling Your Condo at Humber Bay Shores? I Can Help

If you’re thinking about selling your Humber Bay Shores condo you’ll want to work with a real estate agent who knows the area inside and out – like me! With more than 20 years of experience selling homes in this part of town, I’m deeply familiar with South Etobicoke’s diverse collection of neighbourhoods including Humber Bay Shores. In fact, I’ve already helped a myriad of condo owners along the lake get a great result from their sales – and I can do the same for you! 

Selling your condo in Humber Bay Shores? I can help! Call or text me at 647-239-7587 or send me an email at melissa@southetobicoke.com to get started.

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