Are Etobicoke Homes as In-Demand as Downtown Toronto Homes?

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While Downtown Toronto has forever been a sought-after location for home buyers, Etobicoke is certainly making waves in the real estate market too. 

Thanks to its family-friendly neighbourhoods, beautiful green spaces, strong transit, and of course – comparatively affordable housing options, the demand for Etobicoke real estate has been steadily increasing in recent years.

So, if you’re thinking about buying a home in Toronto, it’s worth exploring the charms of Etobicoke. 

Etobicoke is different from Downtown Toronto in a handful of ways – including real estate. If you’re thinking about exploring our market, you’ll want to work with a local Etobicoke agent.

Etobicoke’s (Somewhat) New Momentum

While Etobicoke’s relative affordability has played a big part in its increased attention in recent years, Toronto buyers have long been flocking here for all kinds of reasons. 

For instance, over the past several decades, Etobicoke has been a first choice for buyers who appreciate space. This is because many homes out here feature fantastic (and incredibly spacious) front and backyards – something you definitely won’t find very often in the city centre! 

On top of the larger properties, It’s also been a popular destination for families that are intentionally seeking a more suburban atmosphere, thanks to being removed from the fast pace of Downtown Toronto. 

Thinking about moving to Etobicoke but don’t know much about it? Check out a few of my blog posts below for an idea of everything it has to offer!

What Are Homes in Etobicoke Like?

While the city’s core has always been a hotspot for buyers who prefer more cosmopolitan or urban energy, one of its biggest limitations is the diversity in available housing. As you may expect with a busy urban centre, Downtown Toronto’s housing landscape is largely made up of modern condominiums, compact townhomes, and smaller semi-detached homes. 

That said, you can find all of these housing styles in Etobicoke – and much more! As a suburban area, Etobicoke features a wide range of single-family homes. Ranging from historic and quaint bungalows to large, completely custom modern homes, buyers (of all budgets) generally have more to pick from in Etobicoke. 

How Different is the Lifestyle?

For buyers who aren’t super familiar with Etobicoke, this seems to be the burning question. Etobicoke certainly has its own unique vibe, but how does it compare to Downtown Toronto?

Well, it depends! In my mind, one of the best things Etobicoke has to offer is its super diverse range of neighbourhoods. Toronto as a whole is famous for its collection of vibrant and distinct communities that each offer something different than the last – and Etobicoke is no exception! 

You have neighbourhoods like Long Branch that have a charming small-town atmosphere and rapidly developing condo-dense neighbourhoods like Mimico that feel more urban in comparison. 

Overall, Etobicoke is a little more removed from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, but there really is something for everyone out here. 

Real estate in Etobicoke is picking up steam. Before you head to the market, check out these blogs for helpful tips. 

What You Need to Know About Buying in Etobicoke

Thinking about buying a home in Etobicoke? That’s great! But before you rush to the market, you will want to have a local expert by your side.

While Etobicoke is part of Toronto, it’s also its own microcosm. Rather than match what’s happening in the city centre, real estate here marches to the beat of its own drum. That’s why you’ll want to pick a real estate agent who lives and works specifically in Etobicoke. 

As the housing market in Etobicoke picks up steam, a local agent’s insights will become even more important! They’ll know better than anyone how the market has changed over the years, where to find the right home and neighbourhood for you, and what will ultimately be best for your investment. 

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