Real Estate Vows to Make Before You Get Married

For Home Buyers

If you’re getting married, then congrats! You’re about to go on a journey of love, and everything will be perfect forever!

That’s not true of course. Throughout the journey of marriage, you’re sure to be met with a lot of good times, but you’ll also be met with challenges.

You’ve probably heard the saying that: real estate is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make in your life. So when you get married, if you’re thinking about buying a home together to start your new life, there are several things you’ll want to take into consideration to ensure that investment is protected if times get tough. Here are some real estate vows that may be uncomfortable to talk about, but you’ll certainly want to discuss them with your partner before making that big purchase:

I Promise to Always Have a Great Job.

You may have a great job right now that you really enjoy with a company that you’re passionate about, but it’s certainly possible that job won’t always be around. If you did lose your job, how would you cope? Can one partner’s income carry all the costs of your home, or is it entirely dependent on the income of both people bringing in a consistent paycheque? If you’re getting married, it’s essential to talk about your financial health anyways, but when it comes to purchasing a home, it’s even more important.

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I Promise to Always Be Healthy.

God forbid that something unfortunate happens to you or your life partner’s health. Even if you’re both in perfect health right now, an accident can still happen and change absolutely everything. To help plan for that, you should look into illness and/or disability insurance to help carry you through a recovery period. But if you end up in a situation where recovery isn’t possible, like a death, you’ll want to have a life insurance policy in place. In my opinion, you shouldn’t buy a house with your partner without these insurance policies in place. There are a lot of options that help cover the total costs of your mortgage and other living expenses if something terrible and unforeseen happens.

I Promise to Always Plan Ahead.

You’ve likely talked to your partner about starting a family, and perhaps you don’t plan on having kids. But, life may have other plans for you. If you and your partner suddenly find out that you’re going to be having a baby, will your new home be able to handle the change? What if you suddenly find out that a relative unexpectedly needs to move in with you? Do you have an extra room or space for them?  It’s best to talk to your partner about how you will handle any unexpected changes in the future if they do actually happen.

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I Promise to Stay With You Forever.

It’s a bit sad to think about, but a lot of marriages do end in divorce. Obviously, that isn’t something you want to think about early on, much less talk about, before you even get married, but if you’re smart, you will. If you did get a divorce, what will you do with your home? Most people end up selling it to cash in on the equity to move on, but in a real estate market where there’s a lot of appreciation, like Toronto, it makes much more sense to hang on to the property for as long as you can, either with one partner living there or as an investment/rental property; and then, when the market is strongest, and the equity builds, then sell it and make a lot more money. Of course, in this situation you have to be friends, or at least amicable, with your ex-partner to make it work.

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